generate-pear2 - Create the subversion source layout for a PEAR2 package


The generate-pear2 command is used to create a bare skeleton for a new PEAR2 package. It creates everything needed except the source code.

Two arguments are accepted, package and optionally channel.


The package argument is the name of the package to create a skeleton for. This is used as the directory name and as the package name used within files related to creating a PEAR2 package.

If MyPackage is passed, a directory will be created in the current working directory titled MyPackage. All the required packaging files will be within this directory, and you can place your code within the MyPackage/src/MyPackage/Main.php file.

If no channel is specified PEAR2_MyPackage will be the name of your package if MyPackage is passed as the package name.


The channel argument defaults to