HTML_QuickForm2 is a PHP5 rewrite of HTML_QuickForm and HTML_QuickForm_Controller packages. It provides methods to create, validate and render HTML forms.

  • Supports all form elements defined by HTML standard, provides several custom elements.
  • Server-side and client-side validation, several common rules provided.
  • Multipage forms (tabbed forms and wizards)
  • Pluggable elements, rules, renderers and renderer plugins

Major advantages over PHP4 versions:

  • Most of the package's functionality is covered by unit tests.
  • DOM-like API for building the form structure, new streamlined API for elements' values handling.
  • Default rendering without tables (inspired by HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless).
  • Renderer plugins for elements with complex rendering needs.
  • Ability to chain validation rules with 'and' and 'or'.
  • Client-side validation can run "live" on changing the form fields, validation errors are displayed near the fields instead of in alert() (similar to HTML_QuickForm_DHTMLRulesTableless).
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